Installation 2018.

Wood and Projection Mapping.


Ahmet Ünveren

Ecem Dilan Köse

Today, how the information is processed can be determined by human beings.

Information increases as it is processed.Although digital information is related to the real world, the learned visuals in our minds are different from each other to grasp the information.For this reason, digital information and nature's knowledge should be processed in a soft combination.

Thus, a simple and pure universal language can be made.

It is important to experience the new world of knowledge in two different identities, instead of experiencing it in a vague and fragmented way, by producing new data together, expanding the borders existing in our roots, and seeing the beauties on earth with digital data and reaching the ideas from them.


Every information corresponds to experience.

Experience, on the other hand, is a flow, continuity, and experience of something that shines in infinity, regardless of its nature.

Pendulum exhibits as a simulation of the experience gained by increasing knowledge and provides the buyer with the opportunity to watch and listen to this experience.

It presents us the oscillation between organic data and digital outputs of organic data in a tonal and geometric harmony.

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Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 16.56.46.png