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Think of a park, which allows everyone to wander around freely under the wisdom of trees that will always accept you as you are...


In our country, a phenomenon called ‘#occupygezi’ has happened in the beginning of Summer 2013. It was come out that trees in ‘Gezi park’ will be cut of and there will be built a shopping center instead. A group of environmental young people protested against it in a very harmless manner but they come up against a very severe violent action. Then, this protest broaden country-wide and transformed to a pursuit of freedom against the current Government and especially against Prime Minister who is accused of being a ‘dictator’. The act turned into a fight between so called 50% of people in Turkey, which didn’t vote for current Government, and Prime Minister of Republic of Turkey. What happened in Gezi Park triggered off domino effect and aroused people, especially educated, modern, open-minded young people, to revolt. This act drew the attention of the world by young people’s intelligent way of expressing their thoughts. Despite the intensive violance by the police, and all the insult and provocation from the Prime Minister via TV channels, they continued their act and preserved the sense of humor.


Turkish youth has always been criticized by being non-politics. They just want to be who they are without any inhibition and find their way in life. This act was not happened under any political base. It was so spontaneous and straightforward.


One slogan explained everything, and became a motto:


“Kahrolsun Bağzı Şeyler”

(We can translate it as “Damn Something”; letter ‘ğ‘ mistakenly placed, which consciously used to show the complacency and indifference toward all the primitive rules and practices in such period of time).





Aycan Yücel

Ecem Dilan Köse