Sound Installation.

First Exhibition :  Sonar Istanbul 2017. 



We think of a manipulation where we form visual as a provision/ equivalent / counterpart of sound. This is not an individualist sensational experience. While calculated compositions become social, the manifestation experience is corporeal, even physical. The study offers new experimental forms by containing references based on performing / exhibiting conceptual art tales.

Irritating, beatificating, electrifying, exciting, sadder sound forms brings together the Listener and colors as an agent of mere conceptualism. 

Evolutionary and learned triggers initiate emotions. Emotions motivate behaviour without conscious consideration. Emotions are unstoppable. Particular harmonical sound materials' contents of leading the Listener to fundamental/ primary emotions around certain center frequencies.


Ecem Dilan Köse

Oben Fıstıkoglu

Görkem Çelikbilek