WITNESS, 2019.

Sound Reactive Sculpture.

Ytong, LED.

Partners : 

UNWomen Turkey

Swedish Ambassador

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality

Çankaya Municipality

Curator : Fırat Engin, Ekin Kılıç.

Children are considered invisible victims of violence. (Osofsky 1995)


Children who are directly exposed to violence as well as children who are indirectly affected are affected negatively. This situation creates difficulties for the growing child not to know the way of communication or to choose the wrong way of communication in the society and in human relations. These problems convey violence dramatically.

We are learning creatures.

Our minds react to what we witness.

What we hear, what we see…

This artwork called The Witness wants us to choose what to say to it.

It reminds us that we can choose other ways of communication rather than violence.


Sing to it.

Credits :

Batu Güneş

Nejat Samedzade

Korcan Ergün

O.Sarp Altay

Merih Köse

Mecit Köse