interdisciplinary artist & designer

E c e m  D i l a n  K ö s e

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An interdisciplinary artist is someone who wanders in several disciplines like architecture, new media, sculpture, conceptual art or even science, psychology and dancing to combine them during a creation process. The broad list of interests and studies add several instruments to the toolbox of such an artist and even if their use is not always conspicuous in a work, they have affect on how it gets made thus how you perceive it.


Being able to think across boundaries help them break traditional chains of limiting rules in several fields that have do’s & don’ts, and make something new. If you see an art piece, a stage, product or even an event design that still excites you in the contemporary world, that probably came from the hands of an interdisciplinary artist.


That is who an interdisciplinary artist is.


…or at least, that is who I am.